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Bicycle Project

Project Update


  • Project Title: Bike 4 Kids.
  • Project Sector: Education
  • Project Location: Kilinochi & Mulaithevu District
  • Project Funded By: Think 2Wice Association-UK
  • Total Estimated: Rs 1,250,000.00/- for 100 Bikes (£6,000)
  • Beneficiary Students: Kilinochi & Mulaithevu Students
  • Implementing Organisation: Yarl Thinakural – Karunaippalam (Bridge of Mercy)
  • Date of commencement: Aug-2015
  • Date of completion : N/A – To be continue year on year
  • Rationale of the Project:
  • (a) Present Position:
  • Sri Lanka’s armed conflict turned schools into military targets, IDP camps and military shelters. More than 250,000 children in Sri Lanka, mostly in the North and East, have been forced to interrupt their education due to the armed conflict. Military attacks damaged or destroyed many schools. The massive outflow of educational staff in recent years from conflict affected areas has resulted in a serious lack of teachers in the North and East.


  • Education has been heavily impacted in the Vanni region by the conflict. Problems include non-enrolment, dropouts, absenteeism and poor learning and teaching. According to the recent report, there are very high dropout rate. There are deflecting of many teachers and principals. Approximately 15,000 classrooms in about 500 schools have been either destroyed or damaged and lack furniture, libraries and other basic facilities.

(b).Specific Problem & Mode of intervention:

  • Poverty at the household level is considered as one of the primary reasons for prevalence of child labour in North East of Sri Lanka. It is estimated that about one-fifth of the population lives below the poverty line. Studies have shown that despite improvements in primary school enrolment, school dropouts at an early stage come from poor families. Recent studies have confirmed the figures of such dropouts are very high. Lack of basic necessities such as food, clothing, school stationery, and bus fare; lack of support and guidance from parents and parents' attitude towards education are all common reasons for children leaving school at an early age. Furthermore, many of these children, particularly girls, are forced to stay home caring for their younger siblings at the expense of their schooling. Those who drop out from school find their way into the child labour market.


Why Bikes:


  •  Students of poor war affected areas of Kilinochi and Mulaithevu need to go to school in remote villages. Areas are steeped in poverty and parents are finding difficulty in sending their children to schools by public transport as they can’t afford to pay bus fare. School is too far from villages to walk each day barefoot with heavy bags of books, making school attendance difficult to the point of jeopardizing students’ future. Bicycles will have a strong impact by helping poor boys and girls go to school regularly. Students will own their bike after completing school.

How to solve the problem?

  • Initially buying and distributing 100 bicycles for poor students contribute cost from Rs 12,000/- Sri Lankan Rupees for one bicycle. Project will ensure qualitative changes in people’s lives and enhance rural village integrated development. This project will be continuing every year.


  What is the potential long-term impact of this project?

  • By helping 100 poor students (50% boys; 50%girls) finish high school and own a bicycle after graduation, the project will provide access to basic education to the poor students in the our organization selected area and villages.

 (c) Project outcome:

* This Project would reduce school drop outs and encourage students to attend school regularly and help their career development as well.

* Education also promotes a culture, tradition, peace, tolerance and understanding and builds the foundation of diversity.

* Help them continue their education, future employment like other children and help them to enhance the self-esteem and protect their dignity.


10. Cost of this project:

   Rs 1,250,000.00/- for 100 Bikes (£6,000) per year at present.


Source of fund:

  Think 2Wice Association host kids charity walk – Walk 4 Bike – every year in East London area and encourage children to take part along with parents to raise money for Bike(s) for Kid(s) back home in Sri Lanka. This fund raising challenge not only aiming to raise funds for our charity but encouraging our kids involvement towards to helping our community back home.


We are expecting around 200 kids will take part in this charity walk and raise average £30 each. Whatever money they raise will be funded for this project.


11. Monitoring & Evaluation:

This is an ongoing project under taking by Think 2Wice Association and managed by our partner organisation Karunaippalam (Bridge of Mercy) in Jaffna Sri Lanka.

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