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English & Character Building studies Project

Project Update


  • Project Title: After School English Class
  • Project Sector: Education
  • Project Location: Kilinochi & Mulaithevu District
  • Project Funded By: Seeking for funding
  • Total Estimated: Rs 1,584,000.00/-
  • Beneficiary Students: Kilinochi & Mulaithevu Students
  • Implementing Organisation: Yarl Thinakural – Karunaippalam (Bridge of Mercy)
  • Date of commencement: TBA
  • Date of completion : TBA
  • Rationale of the Project:
  • (a) Present Position:
  • Sri Lanka’s armed conflict turned schools into military targets, IDP camps and military shelters. More than 250,000 children in Sri Lanka, mostly in the North and East, have been forced to interrupt their education due to the armed conflict. Military attacks damaged or destroyed many schools. The massive outflow of educational staff in recent years from conflict affected areas has resulted in a serious lack of teachers in the North and East.


  • Education has been heavily impacted in the Vanni region by the conflict. Problems include non-enrolment, dropouts, absenteeism and poor learning and teaching. According to the recent report, there are very high dropout rate. There are deflecting of many teachers and principals. Approximately 15,000 classrooms in about 500 schools have been either destroyed or damaged and lack furniture, libraries and other basic facilities.

(b).Specific Problem & Mode of intervention:

  • Poverty at the household level is considered as one of the primary reasons for prevalence of child labour in North East of Sri Lanka. It is estimated that about one-fifth of the population lives below the poverty line. Studies have shown that despite improvements in primary school enrolment, school dropouts at an early stage come from poor families. Recent studies have confirmed the figures of such dropouts are very high. Lack of basic necessities such as food, clothing, school stationery, and bus fare; lack of support and guidance from parents and parents' attitude towards education are all common reasons for children leaving school at an early age. Furthermore, many of these children, particularly girls, are forced to stay home caring for their younger siblings at the expense of their schooling. Those who drop out from school find their way into the child labour market.


Why Teach English:


  •  English creates opportunities for millions of people around the world. Improved English skills open doors to education, employment, mobility and international engagement. English as a link language can also crucially help build connections between different cultures, communities and countries. English is one of the core elements of the Sri Lankan curriculum and examinations. Good grades in English thus play an important role in students’ access to higher education and employment.


  • The long-lasting war has had an enormous impact on students. Many students in the north and east were displaced and lived for years in camps before returning to their original homes after the war ended. Over the years they suffered from isolation and lack of basic services such as housing, health care and education.  Many students loss of family members, family separation and multiple displacements. As a result of the war, research has shown that students from the war affected areas such as Kilinochi, Mulaitheevu are far behind on their education in particular more in English than in other subjects. Because in Sri Lanka, rural students are disadvantaged with respect to exposure to English in their intimate social circles for them and their entire social environment gives little or no exposure to English. Furthermore parents of such families are less educated and are unable to help children with their education in which educated parents could. Attitudes of parents, who attribute less value to education, enable students to drop out of school or not enrol at all. These poverty related aspects of rural Sri Lanka leading to low levels of education and English proficiency among the rural population especially war affected people as they have so many other problems related to the war.


  • Considering the importance of English education, Think 2Wice Association decided to encourage war affected children to study English through our after school and week-end English Tuitions program. Think 2Wice Association offers students a language learning program which linguistically, academically and culturally prepares them to become a successful communicator in English both when speaking and writing. Our ranges of specialized courses are well designed to meet their academic, professional and personal goals. Our English learning program goes beyond the functional English syllabus to provide a high-standards curriculum preparing students to gain strong skills in content learning. We understand that these students still have to handle a lot of pressures upon their school works and entering higher schools. Our teachers will focus on curriculum, and also take advantage of the local English textbook available. It can help our students strengthen what they learn at local schools. Integration into the local Education System is how students see their success


    Program Focus:


  • The Enriched English Learning Program focuses on General Language Usage which incorporates all aspects of the English Language, including vocabulary, listening, speaking, pronunciation and writing, through fine arts, science and social studies. Meanwhile, we also apply the local textbooks in our class to help students strengthen what they learn at school.
  • Also part of the English education, we will teach Character Building Studies for these students. Because Think 2Wice Association wants  nothing more than for these children to grow up into well-mannered individuals and give the proper respect to other people. This is why character education is an important part in their studies, because success in life does not always rely on academics. Character education gives them the necessary tools that they will be using more often than those that they learn from the other subjects.

Character education is a teaching method which fosters the development of ethical and responsible individuals by teaching them about the good values that people should have. It teaches the students the values of caring about other people, honesty, responsibility, and other important traits that make for an upstanding citizen.

Program Levels:


  • On the first day l, each student will have a placement test to assess his/ her English ability in all areas. After the test, our educational team will assess individual needs and interests, and then design a customized study plan and optimal courses to fulfil his /her personal goal.
    • Beginner
    • Intermediate
  • Whatever their current English level is, we will arrange a class to suit their needs and goals. Students will receive a Certificate of English Language Studies on their last day of class.


  Our Teaching Philosophy:

  • Greenwell strive for on building assets in elementary & middle-school-aged kids by integrating life skills, character education and textbook study with engaging experiential, fun after-school English Training Program. Our emphasis on after-school English Program is

• Focus the best interest of students

• Encourage students to be the best they can be

• Passionate and caring

• Commitment to quality and excellence

 (c) Project outcome:

* This Project would reduce school drop outs and encourage students to attend school regularly and help their career development as well.

* Education also promotes a culture, tradition, peace, tolerance and understanding and builds the foundation of diversity.

* Help them continue their education, future employment like other children and help them to enhance the self-esteem and protect their dignity.


10. Cost of this project:

Cost of this project calculated as follows. We are seeking for the yearly funding of £8,000.00 to run the project.

Project Cost summary






Average Students per class( Beginners Level)



Average Students per class( Intermediate Level)






Number of  Schools Selected



Number of  Teachers Selected for both level






Number of Classes per Year






Teachers Salary/Class






Total Teaching Cost in SL Rupees

16 teachers*40wks*Rs1300.00/- per teachers





Travel Substances for teachers per year

16 teachers*40Weeks*Rs200.00/- per day


Snacks  and Drinks for students per year

520 students* 40 Weeks* Rs30.00/- per student








Total Cost of the Project in SLR



Total Cost of the Project in GBP @ R.O.E 200






Total numbers of students will benefit



Cost per students per year in GBP




11. Monitoring & Evaluation:

This will be an ongoing project under taking by Think 2Wice Association and managed by our partner organisation Karunaippalam (Bridge of Mercy). They will recruit quality teachers and select 8 schools from the most affected areas. Also they will coordinate with us and put the proper system in place to run the project smooth and successful and send us the progress report every quarter.



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