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Project Update


  • Project Title: Flood Disaster Relief
  • Project Sector: Humanitarian Aid
  • Project Location: Vanni District
  • Project Funded By: Think 2Wice Association-UK
  • Total Estimated: Rs 200,000.00/-
  • Target Beneficiary : Vanni District Affected People
  • Implementing Organisation: Yarl Thinakural - Karunaippalam
  • Date of commencement: N/A
  • Date of completion : Jan 2015
  • Rationale of the Project:
  • (a) Present Position:
  • In the immediate aftermath of the severe flood and landslide situation that prevailed in 22 out of Sri Lanka’s 25 Administrative Districts in December 2014 including war hit Vanni - the district hardest hit by the floods – but less emergency relief assistance to affected families living in temporary camps. Many houses were destroyed while more were partially damaged. A majority of the victim families are yet to recover from the adverse effects of this disaster. Meanwhile, the damage caused to agriculture was enormous too, thus impacting badly on the livelihoods of many.



(b).Specific Problem & Mode of intervention:

  • In a heart - warming response to the Emergency Appeal sent out by our partner organisation Karunaippalam, Think 2Wice Association pledged over Rs 200,000.00/- in funding support.
  •  Karunaippalam with the help of some of its local volunteers rushed post-emergency relief assistance to affected families in the area badly affected. Affected families in Umaiyalpuram, Pannagkaddy, Maruthanagar ……………etc are being provided with relief aid consisting of food and non-food items. Each beneficiary family would receive a package of goods worth over Rs. 1,500.00/- food items such as rice, sugar, dhal, dried sprats, milk, tea leaves and condiments are provided to cover a family’s two-week requirements, while the non-food items include bed sheets, towels, sarongs, plastic mats and sanitary requirements.

(c) Project outcome:

* The purpose and outcome of this short term project is to assist the communities who are affected by recent flood situation and help them to recover and return to normalcy.

* Support affected families in meeting their daily needs until they recover and restart their normal life.

* Supporting displaced families to return to their homes.


10. Cost of this project:

   Rs 200,000.00/- (£984.84)


11. Monitoring & Evaluation:

N/A. Project was completed with our one off donation.







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