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REGISTERED CHARITY NO : 1143421 (England and Wales)
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Project Update


  • Project Title: Computer Centre for Students
  • Project Sector: Education
  • Project Location: Kilinochi District
  • Project Funded By: Think 2Wice Association-UK
  • Total Estimated: Rs 800,000/-
  • Beneficiary Organisation: Mahatheva Siruvar Illam
  • Implementing Organisation: Yarl Thinakural Karunaippalam
  • Date of commencement: N/A
  • Date of completion : Feb 2014
  • Rationale of the Project:


(a) Present Position:

  • Mahatheva Siruvar Illam accommodates around 326 war affected children; this number is changing every day. This siruvar illam having three different groups of children’s, boys, girls and kids, they do live in separate hostels, and they are going to school in every day. With the support of charity organisations like ours, the management provide food, shelter, and a nurturing environment in which children can live and work on improving their skills in order to be successful once they are able to leave the home.


  • Management of Mahatheva Siruvar Illam finding difficulty to get enough money to feed these children daily basis. They are literally starved for funds to purchase additional items such as medicine, cloths, books, computers……..etc.

(b).Specific Problem & Mode of intervention:

  • Although the children already receive education at school, they did not have access to the computer and therefore can feel very isolated from the world around them. In addition to the social implications of their technological limitations, without computers the children miss out on developing skills that would help them receive jobs and start successful adult lives.
  • Our project funded to install for a high tech computer lab with new furnishers and provided computers and internet access to the children at the orphanage to improve their chances of finding work and developing technical skills.  This project will help them to live more independent, successful lives in the future and allow them to connect to the world.


  1. Project outcome:

A computer opens doors to another world for children living in poverty. Computer skills provide essential job-related skills and empower Children through this innovative program. Computer knowledge will give job security & employment opportunity to destitute children and a secured life to them. Computer competency or proficiency is a vital skill in today's computer connected society. Computer skills help along with academics in their bright future.

  • 10. Cost of this project: Rs 800,000/- (£3,723.00)
  • 11. Monitoring & Evaluation: N/A.  Project was completed with our donation and maintain by the management.